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Marshals & Starters
  • Welcome all guests and thank them for playing Claremont GC at the end of the round.
  • Verify checked-in or check-in guests using the system and make notations as needed.
  • Verifies member carts have valid annual registration
  • Starters call out guest pairings for tee off and ready position
  • Maintains communication with the golf shop & management regarding the pace of play
  • Promote ready golf. Suggest to the group that they play ready golf.
  • Look for ways to help the pace of play.
  • Pairing up singles and twosomes when possible
  • Respond to golfers’ questions, requests, concerns
  • Maintains pace of play on the golf course
  • Direct golfers around the course, if they are unfamiliar with the layout
  • Inform golfers about course policies, and let a golfer know when he/she might be in violation of course policy and local rules; replace divots, cart path rules, rake bunkers and free drop areas
  • Diplomatically try to mediate any disputes that might arise between groups
  • Look for opportunities to care for the course, maybe repairing ball marks  or filling a divot
  • Help pull out and bring in motor carts from under the canopy
  • Help clean golf carts with soap and water (if needed)
  • Fill gas in motor carts (if needed)
  • Assist with tournaments
  • Assists guests hitting errant golf shots with locating their ball

Contact Anthony Wik, Director of Golf, for more information

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  • Address: 15800 NW Country Club Drive, Portland, OR 97229

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  • Phone: (503) 690-4589

  • Hours: We are open 7 days a week with tee times starting at 6:30 a.m. and ending 2 hours prior to sunset. Please check our tee times for today’s closing time and hours.

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