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Loyalty Program

Claremont Golf Club has a Loyalty Points Program!

Be sure we have your name and email as you check in and be automatically enrolled in our Loyalty Points Program to earn free golf!  


  • To be enrolled, Claremont Golf Club must have the name and valid email for a registered golfer.
    • Please ensure your name is provided when checking in to earn loyalty points.
  • For every $1 spent in daily green fees, each golfer will earn 1 loyalty point that is automatically added to your account.
    • Example: A $24 green fee will add 24 loyalty points to your account.
  • Loyalty points can be redeemed for daily green fees at a rate of 10 points to every $1.
    • Example: If your round costs $24, you will need greater than or equal to 240 loyalty points for a free round.
  • Loyalty points are only earned upon purchase of daily green fees excluding any promotions.
  • Loyalty points may only be used/redeemed for daily green fees.
  • Loyalty points cannot be used for partial payment and must cover the full cost of a daily green fee in order to be redeemed.
  • Loyalty points hold no cash value.
  • Loyalty points are not awarded for any round purchased through other services such as Golf Moose, Golf Now, etc.
  • Loyalty points may not be combined between different golfers or transferred to another golfer without prior approval by the Director of Golf.
  • Claremont Golf Club reserves the right to modify or eliminate the Loyalty Points Program at any time without notice.
  • Having loyalty points does not grant the user any exclusive or special right to Claremont Golf Club.
  • Golfers using loyalty points for their round must adhere to all policies for golfers at Claremont Golf Club.


Please feel free to ask the Golf Shop how many loyalty points you have the next time you check in!